About Us

The Amesbury Carriage Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, formed in 2004 and jointly operated by the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce and Amesbury Carriage Museum. Together, we share a steadfast interest in preserving Amesbury’s rich history and furthering our path toward the Lower Millyard becoming a regional waterfront hub of recreation, history, commerce, information and opportunity. Integral to that vision is The Heritage Center, planned for the 12,000 square foot Biddle and Smart carriage manufacturing building at 29 Water Street, which is owned by the organization.

The Heritage Center will house the Amesbury Carriage Museum  and Amesbury Chamber of Commerce, as well as a Visitor Center and potentially, event space.

Housing these two organizations together in the historic Biddle Manufacturing building is a unique approach to a public cultural center. The Carriage Museum depicts a community with a solid foundation of manufacturing integrity, while the Chamber provides a modern-day approach to keeping Amesbury on the path to economic prosperity.


The Amesbury Carriage Alliance is led by a committee of passionate volunteers, including:

Rick Bartley, Chair
Amesbury Carriage Alliance

Mary Chatigny, President
Amesbury Carriage Museum

Matt Sherrill, Chair
Amesbury Chamber of Commerce

Kassandra Gove, Executive Director
Amesbury Chamber of Commerce

For more information about the Amesbury Carriage Alliance, please email info@amesburycarriagealliance.com.

About the Amesbury Carriage Museum

The Amesbury Carriage Museum’s mission is to collect and preserve historic artifacts and documents pertaining to the horse-drawn carriage industry of Amesbury, Mass. The collections are exhibited to promote Amesbury’s central role in carriage making and its significance to American history. The Amesbury Carriage Museum will also educate the public about the positive influence of the carriage industry on Amesbury’s economic, social and cultural identity. For more information, visit www.amesburycarriagemuseum.com.

About the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce

The Amesbury Chamber of Commerce is organized to create positive change and continually advocate for member success by actively participating in economic initiatives, capitalizing on promising growth opportunities, and advancing Amesbury’s unique and varied business community. The Chamber looks forward to upholding its mission from The Heritage Center’s prominent location and having enough extra space to provide a new venue for meetings, social events and trade shows. For more information, visit www.amesburychamber.com.